This week’s theme was pets. In language this week, we read books about pets, learned new pet words, sang B-I-N-G-O, did a pet felt board, colored on cats, and wrote with dry erase markers on dry erase boards. In math this week, we counted and sorted fish, manipulated animal puzzles, matched colored pipe cleaners, and wrote in bird seed. In science this week, we added some “pet fish” to the science table and the children were captivated by them. In motor development this week, we made a fish tank sensory bag, played with animal stencils, connected animal connectors, and played with feathers and Styrofoam balls. In art this week, we glued fish scales on a fish, stamped dog bones on paper, glued yarn on paper, and painted with feathers. We also added pompoms and pet accessories in the sensory table and talked about the different pets we have at home. Tomorrow we will write on chalkboards with chalk (language), match different colored animals to their colored homes (cognition), put stickers on a poster board (motor), and make a paper bowl pet turtle in art. 

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