We introduced theme with pictures and print of pet animals, and the children named what kind of pet they have at home and their name.


Monday- Paper plate Dog- glued various materials to represent a dog{floppy ears, nose, eyes and tongue}

Tuesday- Paper bag cat puppet- The children glued on eyes, whiskers, nose and heart shaped body to paper bag to make a hand puppet.

Wednesday- Revised{ made flower pedals to make large flower

Thursday- Blue Bird- glued various materials and feathers to make own bird{feathers, beak, feet, body and head}

Friday- Bunny- Doily, floppy ears, whiskers, nose, eyes, white/pink round face.


The children explored with various size colored bones with various size colored paper bowls to practice matching colors and matching sizes, color button grid with shape buttons to name colors/shapes and match to grid, fishing poles with number fish to name colors and number on fish they caught, colored wooden shape puzzles to complete puzzle by color or by shapes and Frida, we will match and count carrots on carrot grids.

Motor Development

The children manipulated dog biscuits using tongs to fill up dog bowls practicing squeezing motions, we practiced lacing by using dog bones with holes and pipe cleaners for a sturdy grip to lace as many times as they can, at the manipulative table the children used small nets to scoop up fish on the table using one hand to hold net and the other hand to scoop of fish and Friday, the children will use colored clothes pins to pick up same color bunny tails by opening and closing pins.

Sensory Table

Dog biscuits, doggy bags and scoops


Tuesday- We made Shamrock shakes as a center

Friday- Game “Doggie Doggie Where’s your Bone”?

Friday at group- Follow directions- tap and follow me

Health & Wellness

Learned about dairy

Milk a cow-Friday{glove filled with milk and squeeze out into bucket}

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