We introduced the theme with a book, pictures, print and I asked the children what they thought “Easter” was, who visits and what do you get. Most of the children said “you get candy”


Monday- Painted paper Easter egg with Karo syrup and food coloring

Tuesday- Made Easter chicks by stamping forks on white paper with yellow /orange paint and added feathers and eyes

Wednesday- The children stamped with a bunny and Egg cookie cutter on paper with pink/purple paint

Thursday- We marble  painted with real eggs on paper with pink paint

Friday- We will make Carrots by gluing on orange squares and green hand print for stem


The children practiced counting and number recognition by counting eggs and placing in baskets, and naming numbers on eggs they know. The children practiced sorting jelly beans by same color and placing on bunny sorting tray, Bunny plate lacing with shoe strings to practice grip and eye-hand coordination. Friday, we will color eggs

Motor Development

The children had to manipulate the plastic eggs by opening, filling with jelly beans and closing the egg until they heard the snap, we introduced bunny  Rubk Cubes to the children to practice turning and twisting motions, the children practiced using tongs to pick up the plastic carrots and fill carrot bags then pull the strings to tighten the bag, shimmery eggs on sticks to poke into foam blocks to make stand up.

Sensory Table

Easter grass, mini colored foam eggs and Easter buckets


Peeps in microwave to watch expand


Color eggs

Egg hunt

Balance egg on spoon and pass off to next friend

Hand washing practice 

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