This week was a busy week for PreK 2 because it’s Week of The Young Child and our theme is Easter.  We had a fun week with the different themes such as Music Monday where we danced in the Great Room with all of the classrooms, eating yummy Tacos Miss Ky made on Tasty Tuesday, Wednesday was Work Together where we did building with the Older Toddler classroom, Artsy Thursday was where we painted a mural, and it was such a fun week!  The quilt squares are are on the wall in the Great Room where our families can see the beautiful squares our families made!  Feel free to check it out!

We talked about Easter and what we know about it.  The children understand it’s a holiday that comes on a Sunday where they can spend time with their families, do Easter Egg hunts, and the Easter Bunny brings them an Easter Basket.  We talked about what words come to mind and they were able come up with a big list of words!  We also did a dictation where I asked them, “What can you tell me about Easter?” and they were able to draw a picture and tell me what they know about Easter.  I had different answers such as “It’s where people go to church and spend time with their families”, “We do on a egg hunt:, and “We get candy from the Easter Bunny”.  It was wonderful to hear what they know about Easter.  We did a Peep Letter Sounding game, matched letters, practiced writing Easter words and letters.  

We did a Jelly Bean graphing, Jelly Bean pattering, predicting which was heavier: Jelly beans or Eggs and most of the children said eggs which is right!, We practiced writing numbers and I did a review of the numbers.  I also asked the children what numbers come before/after to test their knowledge.  

We painted with Peeps, colored eggs, and drew pictures of something related to Easter.  We played with Easter grass and plastic eggs that was in the sensory table.  It was a busy but fun week we had!    We also talked about butterflies because we have a classroom pet: Caterpillars!  The children are so excited to watch the caterpillars grow and turn into butterflies!  I have been measuring the caterpillars by using a marker to show the children the growth of the caterpillars.  They are amazed that they grow so fast.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

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