This week’s theme was bugs and insects. In language this week, we read various books about bugs and insects, wrote on chalkboards with chalk, colored on paper with crayons, played with alphabet blocks, and pointed out familiar items during our walk down Detroit. In cognitive development this week, we sorted bugs by color, made and manipulated oobleck, played with shape puzzles, and stacked and sorted boards on snail pegs. In motor development this week, we tore up paper, made bug imprints in play-doh, used tongs to sort bumblebees into their hive, and placed stickers on a poster board. In art this week, we glued paper on paper plates, painted with fly swatters, and marble painted a spiderweb. We also added rice and play worms to our sensory table which the children thoroughly enjoyed, and we added fidget snails to our science table. Tomorrow we will color caterpillars in language, inspect insects using our magnifying glasses in cognitive, sort rainbow gears on caterpillars in motor, and make symmetry art in art. This week we also enjoyed breakfast on the patio. 

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