We introduced the theme with books, pictures and we have been watching the life cycle of our butterflies. The children have been watching the process from the very beginning which is amazing.


Monday- Pom Pom caterpillars- glued colorful pom -poms on craft stick and googly eyes

Tuesday- Beehive- painted paper yellow and glued on black strips of paper

Wednesday- Fireflies- glued body parts/wings and add glitter for glow

Thursday- Ants- Finger prints all over paper with black paint to represent ants

Friday-Worm- Cork stamp on white paper with red, yellow and red paint to resemble a worm


The children counted the colored circles on the caterpillars one by one and named the colors they knew, we practiced more counting by placing cheerios on each circle spot on the Beehives, we manipulated and counted bugs by using bug jars and tongs one by one, counted Ants on logs by placing on top of the logs, and placed butterflies on colored dots on poster board to practice counting and, Friday we will count the different spots on Ladybugs counters.

Motor Development

We practiced string cheerios on pipe cleaners to make Caterpillars, we manipulated yellow play dough and pressed straws in play dough to make stand and make designs, Goo with water beads- the children explored with goo slime and water beads by pulling the Goo, pressing the beads inside the Goo and pulling up on the Goo and watching it drip and Friday, we will pretend to milk a cow using a glove filled with milk and watch the milk squirt out by squeezing each finger on glove.


Bugs, pails, brown noodles/crushed graham crackers and shovels


Look up and find out how spots a Ladybug has, egg balance, Insect movement cube, music class and Coach Charlotte

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