We introduced the theme with pictures, print and a short circus video each day related to circus animals, clowns, dancing horses and Circus performers.


Monday- Clowns- glued various materials to resemble a clown

Tuesday- Popcorn Box- The children glued on paper popcorn to red paper box

Wednesday- Popcorn Bag- Glued on paper bag pieces and red strips of paper to make popcorn bag{filled w/ popcorn}

Thursday- Cotton Candy- We made cotton candy out of colored tubes and glued cotton on to resemble cotton candy on a stick

Friday- Lion- The children will glue rigatoni on paper plate and paint yellow to resemble a Lion.


The children practiced counting by scooping up jumbo popcorn counters into popcorn buckets one at a time, We continue to count all week with colored ice cream scops and  ice cream bowls piling each scoop on top, colored chip clips with circus hats to practice counting as they children clip on each colored chip, laminated popcorn balls with numbers on them to pick out numbers and name numbers the children know and recognize and Friday, the children will match same pictures using Circus Bingo matching.

Motor Development

We used real popcorn and circus peanuts to practice using tongs to pick up by opening and closing and dropping in the popcorn buckets,  the children manipulated circus tickets into slots of circus bowls, we used new cutting tools and scissors- the cutting tool holds the paper in place by magnets allowing the children to hold in one hand and use the scissors in the other hand cutting around the shape to practice shape cutting and Friday, we will go through an obstacle course to strengthen motor development and balance.

Sensory Table

Popcorn, circus peanuts, popcorn buckets and shovels

Health & Wellness

Make Vegetable soup on Friday

V is for Vegetable and F is for fruit


Popcorn Popper[watch popcorn pop}

Walk the tight rope- The children walked the blue tape on the floor forward and backwards

Flaming Hoops- The children will pretend to be Lions and crawl through the “flaming Hoops”

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