How do you get where you need to go? Do you take a bus or a car? Perhaps even a walk! This week the pre-k room has been exploring all the different types of mode of transportation. We started off the week by differentiating between the three major types: land,water and air and . doing a fun science activity in categorizing them. We also used our dinosaur magic writing boards to practice our writing using transportation words. MOnday’s art was making a painting using toy cars to let our intern artists come out. Tuesday we talked about the different jobs that transportation vehicles have, such as firefighters, police, mailman, and even our favorite, the ice cream truck. Pre-lk then had the opportunity to play a memory game at the math table to work on our cognitive thinking. Wednesday we talked about the importance of city signs and what they mean. Pre-k made their own stop sign at art, imagining what a stop sign would be like in their own city. City signs were also added to our drama area in order to allow them to explore the topic further. The finish of the week, we continued to play in the sensory bin with water and boats, rescue cars at the block area and really working on our writing by masking posters for our classroom and using dry erase boards. We hope this weekend you all enjoy your time and be on the lookout for all the different types of transportation!

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