Come one! Come all! Step on up to the greatest show on Earth!! That’s right…we learned all about the circus this week. Each day during group, the children had discussions on different types of roles that are performed in the circus. We have acrobats, trapeze artists, lions with their lion tamer, elephants with their elephant tamer and clowns. Trust me there is so much more! This week the children worked on many different language activities such as writing circus words using shaving cream (also helps clean the tables!) and worked with popcorn with letters on them and the children had to recognize the letter and then give a word that begins with that letter. At the math table, the children created patterns with balloons, worked with circus theme clip cards and added popcorn (yellow pom poms) to popcorn bags! The children got all clowned up in the drama area wearing different wigs, oversized glasses and juggling balls. The children created a handprint clown, made a collage out of tickets, and made some popcorn rip art. Our little lovelies have been practicing hard for our upcoming circus…each day, the children put in time to work on their acts…we can’t wait to show you what we got! We also discussed how those who do perform in the circus are trained professionals and that is what they do for work so we should not try any of that at home! We hope the children enjoyed learning about the circus this week and we can’t wait to put on our own circus next week. We hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the week and a spectacular weekend…bout time the weather starts acting right! We will have more fun next week with Miss Tara’s lesson plan! 

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