This week’s theme is Circus!  The PreK children are practicing hard for the circus that’s coming up next Friday.  They have been practicing using props and getting used to what their roles are in the circus.  We are are so excited to show our families the acts the children are doing in the circus! 

We talked about the Circus and what things make them think of circus whether it be movie they saw, going to a circus in person, or hearing something they heard about.  We came up with 18 words such as Ringmaster, unicycle, ponies, clowns, elephants, and the list goes on.  We practiced writing circus words and coming up with circus words using the word CIRCUS.  It was hard but the children were able to come up with words that start with the letter.  We did a rhyming word list ending in ug.  We also practiced writing lowercase letters.

We counted popcorn using real popcorn by picking a number card from 1-30, we did number recognition, counted how many circus words we came up with.  We made numbers using popcorn and some of the children wanted to count how many popcorn were in the bucket.  I had them guess how many there were before they counted the popcorn.  The numbers varied but the actual count was 83,  It was a fun activity that was unplanned.  

We drew a picture of our version of a circus where the children titled it, “My Circus”, we made circus popcorn by making our own popcorn bags using cotton balls and painted with yellow paint (butter), and they wanted to make cotton candy so we made that as well.  It was a fun week learning about the circus.

We went to see the play, Hiccup at Playhouse Square.  The children enjoyed the play because there were singing, dancing, and puppets.  They said that the Koala bear had hiccups and his friends tried to help him get rid of the hiccups which he did at the end of the play.  It was definitely a cute play.  

If you did not take home your child’s snow stuff, please do take them home.  I wanted to mention that next Friday, May 12 is the last day to donate items to Safe Harbor Animal Rescue.  Again, thank you for your donated items, it is greatly appreciated!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

Next week’s theme is Mother’s Day.  

-Ms. Michelle

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