We introduced the theme with a song Called “Mother’s Day”, we talked about a special day for[ mom’s grandma’s & Aunts] what we can say to them on their special day, and the special gifts we worked on all week for them.


Mother’s Day[grandma & Aunts] special gifts and cards all week.


The children practiced coloring matching with family and animal colored counters to same color paper with print, color tape sorting with small colored chips by placing in each color tape section, ice cream cones with pom-poms and colored scoop tongs to fill and count how many pom-poms and number foam puzzles to work on and practice number recognition by placing in correct spot or naming the number.

Motor Development

We used plastic colored flowers with foam rings to fill all around by pressing and making flowers stand straight to make flower rings, we continued to practice counting by filling up vases with flower pedals by picking up each pedal one at a time, the children made their cards for moms, grandma’s and Aunts, the children will use their fingers to manipulate and open Jewelry boxes and fill with gems and close the boxes, we will practice picking up pom-poms with chop sticks and place them inside flower boxes.

Sensory Table

Rice, flower pedals, flower pots and scoops

Health & Wellness

Cut out shapes with cookie cutters and cheese-Thursday

Hop-pity Hopscotch-Friday


“Mommy Says”[Simon Says] Grandam says…. Aunt Says…..

Introduce Duck Duck Goose- simple directions to start

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