This week the children engaged in activities, read books and had lots of discussions about mom’s! Monday in art the children painted with bubble wrap and in math the children graphed wild animal counters by type. In language the children worked with the rhyming houses game, matching the rhyming picture to the corresponding rhyming house. Tuesday in art the children created some watercolor paintings and in math they filled a heart shape with small hearts. Wednesday in art the children painted handprints to make flowers out of. In language the children dictated answers to questions about mom and in math the children matched the bay farm animal picture to the mom farm animal. Today in art the children drew pictures of mom and in math the children placed family people counters onto 1 to 1 correspondence grids. In language the children traced letters with buttons. Tomorrow in art the children will add tissue to contact paper and in language they will dictate why mom is special, and in math the children will engage in a Mother’s Day bingo activity. This week in the sensory table the children worked on their fine moto skills to strengthen their muscles by tearing paper.

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