This week, we learned about gardening.  We talked about what plants, fruits, and vegetables need: water, air, and sunlight.  Some plants do need soil so that it can make roots.  We talked about the different stages and that not all plants grow at the same time.  For example, it takes a sunflower a full two months to be fully grown.  We watched a time-lapsed video on a plant growing from a seed to a full sized plant.  It was so interesting to see!

We dictated what a flower needs to grow, we practiced writing letters, matched letter flowers to the flower pot, flower pot beginning sounds, and we made a rhyming word list ending in -ag.  We are still working on letter recognition and letter sounds.

We counted “seeds” using 1:1 correspondence, measured with cups and spoons with dirt, we did a flower sorting game where they had to sort the leaves by color and size,  and we practiced writing numbers.  We are still working on number recognition. 

The children made a water color garden, drew pictures of their own garden, and they painted with paint dabbers.  We also “planted” sunflowers by putting dirt and seeds in the cup where they wrote their word sunflower so that they know what type of plant it is.  When the sunflower seed sprouts, it is ready to be planted in your flower garden.  The children are so excited to see it bloom!  

They also got to play with dirt, fake flowers, garden tools, and flower pots in our sensory table.  It was a little messy but the children had lots of fun!  

We went on a field trip to Safe Harbor Animal Rescue to drop off the donated items.  The SHAR was so happy to see the donated items and thanked us profusely!  The children went on a tour to see the dogs and even got to pet 2 of them!  The dogs were happy to see the children from their play areas.  It was a rewarding thing for the children to see a rescue that isn’t scary but homely.  The children talked about it on the way back to our center.  Thank you so much for the donations!  We appreciated them all!

If you haven’t taken your child’s snow stuff home, please do so.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

Next week’s theme:  Camping

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