This week’s theme was camping. In language this week, we read various camping books, looked at words and pictures on our camping vocab board, colored with crayons on paper, wrote with chalk on chalkboards, dry erase markers on dry erase boards, and pencils on clipboards. In cognitive and knowledge this week, we added flashlights to our science table (which was a big hit!), counted rocks, matched different colored logs, sorted marshmallows by size, and did fun puzzles. In motor development this week, we built rock sculptures, played with a wooden exploration set, made trail mix, stacked wooden tiles, and completed an obstacle course outside (which the children enjoyed so much!). In art this week, we painted rocks, painted a night sky with glow in the dark paint, painted with marshmallows, and glued tissue paper to make a campfire. In social and emotional development this week, we sang campfire songs together, and talked about emotions using our emotion chart. We added marshmallows to the sensory table and the children had a sticky good time this week! We also added camping toys and a tent to our drama and block area and the children enjoyed pretending to roast marshmallows and hotdogs. Tomorrow we’ll continue the fun by writing with colored pencils on paper for language development, doing a fishing and sorting game for cognitive development, placing fish stickers on a poster board for motor development, and painting a paper plate fish in art. We will also be making smores!

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