Monday- The children painted with sponges with orange/red paint and glued on brown paper strips to resemble fire logs

Tuesday- We painted with jumbo marshmallows on sticks with red/orange paint

Wednesday- We stamped with star cookie cutters on blue paper w/ yellow paint to make a stary sky

Friday- We will make our own Lanterns by painting green cups, filling with yellow/red/orange tissue paper


We counted how many mini marshmallows it took to make pretend Smores with brown paper squares, Mini marshmallow counting one by one placing in small velvet bags, small colored chips for counting and sliding in lids with slits, we will make real Smores Friday.

Motor Development

The children explored with and made their own structure with jumbo and mini marshmallows and pretzel rods[they are posted in parent corner] , the children worked their fingers building with linking logs making them fit together to create their own piece, we practice using fishing rods by twisting and turning the handle rod to make string go up and down every time they catch a fish, the children used bracelet rings to toss onto mini cones to make it on and to stack to see how many they can fit on the cone.

Sensory Table

Green sand, mini and jumbo marshmallows, straws and mini cups

Health & Wellness

Carrot on a string experiment

Animal carpet squares


We will make real Smores on Friday

Crazy cube

We have been practicing singing new Father’s day song

Camping songs all week

Campfire- Don’t touch or go near-safety

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