YES! It’s Superman and all his friends! This week was all about the superheros we know and love…and we knew a lot! We read stories of how superheros work and what it takes to be a superhero. We also read a book on how even superheros can have sad, bad, mad days. We learned that we can all handle our big emotions no matter who we are! At art, we worked on our very own personal superhero capes, complete with our initial on it. We played with superhero mini figures at math while we played a path game and a game with Legos and dice. Our sensory table was full of rice, bowls and scoopers. One day, we even put some superheros in it and tried to bury them so another peer had to find them. At the language table, we practiced our writing skills as we wrote superhero action words like: pow, bang, zip, zap and zoom! We had a busy week with some friends transitioning from preschool and other peers leaving us for the summer. We had lots of questions, some needed lots of hugs, but we all had tons of fun! We are looking forward to our start of summer next week and heading out to parks and a morning of rock wall climbing! 

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