This is the last week for PreK 2 and our theme is Superhero!  We talked about different superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman, etc.  The children were able to name and recognize superheroes that I had shown pictures of.  The ones I did not have pictures of, they were able to tell me the names of them.  We also talked about real life superheroes such as policemen, firefighters, doctors, nurses, etc because they are people who help us if we are hurt.  We even said that our parents are superheroes because they help us if get hurt or prevent us from falling down.  

We practiced writing letters numbers, names of superheroes, letter recognition, and dictated “If I were a Superhero” where they would tell me what they would do if they were a superhero.  We also did a list of rhyming words ending in -eg.  We practiced writing numbers, number recognition, number matching game, we put 0-30 in order, and I did number word recognition.  I focused heavily on letters and numbers this week so that they are able to recognize numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters.  They drew pictures of themselves as superheroes, made bracelets, and they painted with bingo dabbers.  We had music with PreK as well.  Even though, it was a short week but we did a lot of stuff!  

Wow!  This school year really flew by fast!  I learned a lot from your children because they had different ideas and each child had something new to share that I had never thought of.  I was able to plan my lesson plans around them because they gave me ideas and I was able to teach them something different.  It’s amazing what each child knows and I’m always learning something new from each class that I teach.   Thank you so much for all you have done for us and I hope I was able to get your child ready for Kindergarten.  Have a great summer!  If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

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