This week’s theme is Father’s Day and the children worked hard on making gifts for their dads.  We walked to Kauffman Park where the children played and had lunch.  The weather held off and we were able to have fun!  We went to the Women’s Aviation Museum where we learned about the different jobs that women held.  For example, we learned that Katherine Wright is credited working behind the scenes helping her brothers while they focused on flying.  It was interesting to learn different things.  We finished off the week going to Bohlken Park.  I had a talk with the children about using their listening ears because we noticed that some of the children were not hearing what was going on while we were at the museum.  We had a fun but busy week.  

We talked about kindness and how words that are hurtful can make our friends sad.  Each child was able to tell me what types of things were hurtful and how it made them feel.  We have been writing in our journals and I would put a sentence on the board and the children would either write down their answer or draw pictures.  I noticed this week that the older children were helping the younger children spelling words and that was something I did not tell them to do.  I was happy to see this.  

Please check your child’s cubby for next week’s field trip and please make sure your child has sunscreen before they come to the center.  We will reapply the sunscreen after lunch!.

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads and I hope you enjoy your present your child made.  

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