Dads are the best…sorry moms you already had your turn. This week was all about dads since Father’s Day is right around the corner! (already!!) This week the children discussed what they like to do with their dads which includes playing games, going on walks, and making food. We learned a lot about our dads such as their favorite color, what they say the most and what they do to make our friends laugh when at home. Even though we learned a lot about our dads, we still worked on our number recognition activities at math, narrations at language by telling us about daddy and we worked on our Father’s Day gifts as well…but you are not allowed to know until the day of so no peeking! The children also designed a tie for dad and drew a portrait of dad this week. We had some fun field trips this week such as walking to Kaufmann Park and playing at Tri-City Park. The lovely Coach Charlotte came this week as well to get our hearts pumping with some gross motor activities. Unfortunately, the weather decided to be chilly which meant no water play but the first day of summer is next week, so we hope to enjoy some water play! We hope the children enjoyed learning and teaching us about their dads…we know as teachers that we enjoy learning about the dads of the room! We wish all the dads a fabulous, wonderful and relaxing Father’s Day…you deserve it! Have a wonderful weekend! 

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