t has been a week all about Father’s Day and it has been fun to read them books about daddies and what they do as well as watching puppets tell some of the same stories as well.  They have played with various sizes of balls in and out of the play yard as well as trying to fit some of them into muffin tins and large bags.  The pop-up toys have been exciting and great practice for their fine motor skills.  The cloth toolboxes boxes with saws, screwdrivers and hammers were a big hit as soon as we got them out.  They have been practicing stacking ice cream flavors and blocks and are so excited that they are beginning to clap for themselves!  Masking tape has been attached to tables and trays for them to practice pulling up and off and they absolutely thought this was the best activity ever!  We have been practicing sitting, standing, walking and rolling – what a busy time in their lives. Sign language is still being shown and practiced and some are attaching words and sounds to the signs.  Though it has been a laid-back week, there was always something happening and next week will bring with it much more fun and discovery.  

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