We are so ready for it to be summer! We started our week off with a Coach Charlotte class! We also sent some of our older boys and girls to safety town this week. In the room, we have been having “ice cream” parties in the drama area and “selling” ice cream with our bowls and spoons. We have menus to look at and “offer” many varieties of yummy treats. Our art has been painting with colored bubble solution and some cut pool noodles. We also had a fun water play day with boats, fish and paint brushes to paint the walls with water! Our math activities have included rubber ducks, watermelon slices and a path game getting us to the beach. The sensory table has sand and sand toys in it, which makes us want to go to the real beach really soon! The science table has some nature we collected on previous field trips. We did an experiment with ice and took some outside to let it melt. One cup was in the sun and another cup was in the shade. The cup in the shade melted slower, but it still melted. Our predictions were almost spot on! Our field trips included a trip to Elmwood Park and Rocky River Park/Beach. We have lucked out on the good weather and have enjoyed our time outside! We will end our week with another Coach Charlotte class. 

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