Summer is finally here and it happens to be our theme this week.  We are so happy to have warm temperatures so that we can play outside.  We went to Linden Park, Lakewood Park, and Kauffman Park.  The children were happy to play in various areas of the park.  We did talk about safety rules because there are some children at the park who do not follow the rules.  Some of the children asked me why is that child walking up the slide when we aren’t allowed.  We explained to them that any rules that we have at school apply to the places we visit and its for their safety as well.  We also explained that we cannot tell the other children what to do because they are not part of our center.  We did explain that if someone does something to them, that they can come to us or they can tell the children please don’t do that in a kind way.  

We painted suncatchers and they are hung in the window and we also drew a picture of our dream park since we like to go to the parks in the summer.  The children were very creative and they all had different ideas of how they would design their own park.  It was interesting to see what they drew and I loved seeing their ideas.  A child suggested that we name the playground which is a great idea and I was happy to hear that.  

This week the children have been doing mostly puzzles, playing with dinosaurs, train tracks with trains, and magetiles.   The children have been writing in their journals and drawing pictures.  The children also have been reading books, helping the younger children with math, spelling, and teaching them how to read.  It was so sweet and kind of the older children to help the younger children.  

Coach Charlotte came and the children learned how to play sports such as basketball and they learned new terms such as dribble.  They got to warm up and do different exercises.  Their favorite part was where they did the parachute!  Everyone loves the parachute and they get so excited when she brings it out!  

We talked about what we did for Father’s Day with our dads.  The answers they gave ranged from we didn’t do anything to we had a cookout and it was fun.  I hope that you liked everything that your children made for you.  They were so excited and willing to make the Father’s Day gifts.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to one of us.  

Next week: 

Theme: Farm

Monday:  Cleveland Zoo

Wednesday:  No field trip because it is MUD DAY!  Make sure your child is wearing a swimsuit and has a change of clothes.  

Friday: Natural History Museum

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