This week has been a weird week because we cancelled our trip to the zoo because of weather and we postponed our annual mud day due to the air quality of the Canadian Wildfire.  We were able to stay busy by working on building a barn.  The children worked in groups of 5 or 6; they had to talk about how they wanted to build the barn, how many craft sticks they would need, who is working on what, etc.  The goal of this is for the children to communicate with each other, help each other, and work together.  I have been noticing that the children get frustrated and we felt that it would work best if they learn how to talk to each other in a calm way and work out their differences. 

Our theme this week is Farm and we talked about what our favorite farm animal is and why it is our favorite animal.  Most of the children said horses because they are soft and you can ride them.  The children made a pig by drawing out a pig and cutting it out.  Most of them drew mud on the pigs and we finished off the week by making paper plate cows.  Some of the children used the animals that I had in the bin and made barns, corrals, or a home for the animals using magntiles, train tracks, Kapla blocks, and wood shapes.  It was interesting to see what different things they built.  

We were able to go on a field trip to Natural History Museum and we were so happy that we finally were able to go back!  We haven’t been able go to go due to COVID.  The children enjoyed the museum and asked if we can go back next year!  Of course, we can!  We learned a lot and there was so much to see!  

Mud Day was a huge success!  Everyone played in the water and/or mud.  The children enjoyed seeing their siblings and they helped the little kids by making sure they were by their class…it was so sweet!  We finished up Mud Day by having a sugar free popsicle.  The children had a very busy week that I can’t name all they did!  

Next week:  America the Beautiful (theme)


Tuesday – CLOSED

Wednesday – Tri-City Park

Friday – Art Museum

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!  

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