We introduced the theme with pictures and print of various farm animals, and we sang Old Mc Donald had farm. We listened to farm animals sounds to guess what animal, and pointed to animals on picture cue cards to name.

Tuesday- Swimming

Thursday- Mud Day

Monday, Wednesday & Friday art

The children stamped with hoof stamps and duck stamps on white paper with brown and yellow paint,, Wednesday- we brushed with dish brushes with black paint on paper plates and added cotton balls to make sheep and Friday, we will stamp with animal pigs, brown paint and pink paper to make muddy pigs.


We practiced our colors by using colored bean bags and colored paper to match same colors by placing the bean bag on the paper, pop blocks and paper to connect blocks the length of the paper and Friday, the children will explore and make patterns with math colored tiles.

Motor Development

We practiced cutting with scissors, paper and cutting guards to help children cut along shapes, we practiced stringing with pool noodles and wire string for sturdy grip and large openings to be able to string, Friday the children will make pig pens out of Legos.

Sensory Table

Farm animals w/ shovels, pots and chex


Dancing raisins


We pretended to milk a cow by squeezing a glove filled with milk into a bucket

Dry erase boards with sheep patterns and markers

Old Mc Donald felt board

Name the Farm animal and act it out

Freeze activity

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