4th of July

We introduced  the theme with songs and movement and  firework displays.

Closed Tuesday

Classroom outside this week


The children painted with forks and red & Blue paint on white paper to make fireworks display, made American flag by gluing on strips of paper and stars on red paper, Star wands- we glued glitter to red/blue stars, added red ribbon and craft sticks to make wands and Friday, we will make a star wreath by gluing on red/white/blue stars on paper plate.


red, white and blue water cubes with red sorting trays and tongs to practice counting as the children place them in the trays, star color match cups- the children had to find the same color stars and stacks the cups together with the same colors, various size red/ white and blue cups to organize by size and group same sizes together and Friday Happy Birthday America- simple facts on poster board why we celebrate.

Motor Development

The children explored with sand trays and silly straws to practice grip and making lines or shapes on trays, we practice matching colored pom-poms and placed in red/blue/white cups, the children drew on red/blue poster board with red/blue crayons to make lines, shapes and scribbles and foam boards with red/blue and silver tooth picks to poke in foam boards to make stand up straight. All of these activities allow children to build and strengthen their fine motor skills as well as making things work and problem-solving on how to make them work.

Sensory Table

red/blue water, red/blue cups/hats/ glitter foam stars and red/blue water cubes


Friday- Star bowling outside

Water balloon toss outside- Friday

Follow Directions- Wave flag, blast like a rocket, ring like a bell and twinkle like a star

Health & Wellness

Play Ball 

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