This week’s theme was America the Beautiful. In language this week, we read various patriotic books, went over our vocab board, colored on star papers with crayons, and wrote on our boogie boards. In cognitive development this week, we sorted red, white, and blue balls, counted stars, and matched different colors on our rainbow caterpillar. In motor development this week, we manipulated sound and sort stackers, jumped on stars, and made star imprints in play-dough. For social and emotional development this week, we played “if you’re happy and you know it,” and hot potato. We also enjoyed apple pie for snack this week. In art this week, we glued red stripes to make an American flag, colored on a poster board with markers to create fireworks, and painted with apple halves. Tomorrow, we will write on chalk boards for language development, match different colored gel shapes for cognitive development, thread pipe cleaners through a colander for motor development and paint with toilet paper rolls to create more fireworks. 

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