We had a fun and exciting week with our theme of sports this week! We added paper and balls to our sensory table to allow our young toddlers to play and explore. In language development this week, we wrote on scoreboards, baseball bats, felt foam fingers, and dry erase boards to help our toddlers with their finger grasp. We also read various sports books. For cognitive development this week, we counted bowling pins, matched baseball item cutouts, did an experiment of bouncing different balls and comparing them, and matched different colored baseballs. For motor development this week, we worked on our fine motor skills by placing bowling pin cutouts in a paper bag, lacing baseball cutouts, placing pentagons on a soccer ball, and playing basketball at the tables with pompoms. In art this week, we made a sports wreath using various sports balls, did a marble painting using a baseball instead of a marble, and painted a soccer jersey. We also added bowling pins and balls to our block area as well as basketball hoops and balls and the young toddlers couldn’t stop playing all week! We also worked on our social skills by taking turns hitting a baseball with a bat and kicking a soccer ball during our outside time on the patio. tomorrow we’ll write with chalk on chalkboards for language development, sort sport balls cutouts for cognitive development, place tissue paper on a contact paper football for motor development, and use Q-tips to paint a basketball. This week, we also enjoyed a couple of walks down Detroit where the children pointed to and labeled things and people in the environment, as well as enjoy our time with Coach Charlotte and coach Libby!

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