Strike! 3-pointer! Touchdown! and Gooooaaaallll! This week has been all about sports! There are so many sports to talk about but we stuck with five different ones which included bowling, baseball, soccer, basketball and football. Each day we talked and learned about a different sport. Monday we discussed bowling, Tuesday was baseball, Wednesday was soccer, Thursday was basketball and we ended the week with football.  The children learned about the different gear you have when you play each sport and lucky them…Miss Chasity plays both soccer and softball and was able to bring in her gear that she uses when she plays! The children worked on both letter and number recognition all week and at the science table, they sorted the sports balls by which surface you play them on…court or field. The children got creative at the art table and made fingerprint bowling pins, baseballs, designed their own soccer ball and basketball and will create their own football using a craft roll. This week, we had two exciting field trips which included Every Child’s Park and the Zoo/Rainforest. Our special guests this week were Coach Charlotte and Coach Libby where we played with the rainbow ribbons. We had a fun time learning about the different sports and we encourage all of our friends to go out and try them! We hope that you all have a wonderful and fun weekend. Stay cool and don’t forget the sunscreen! 

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