This week’s theme was a fun one because it’s a favorite of the Summer School Age children: Sports.  We talked about what our favorite sport(s) are and why it’s our favorite.  The children were able to name sports such as Lacrosse, Karate, Hockey, Cross-country/Running, Volleyball, Football, etc.  We also did a Favorite Sports chart.  The most popular sport by 18 votes is Swimming!  Gymnastics, Soccer, Pickleball, Golfing, and Horseback riding all tied at 11 votes as the 2nd favorite sports.   The least favorite sport is Fencing by 2 votes.  Speaking of sports, Coach Charlotte came this week and the children did sone physical fitness with her.  They learned how to do different exercises such as burpees, jumping jacks, helicopter, etc.  

We went to Westlake Rec Center Park where the children played on the playground, played with field toys utilizing the soccer nets to play soccer, Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, we played at Wolf Road Picnic Park where they ran around the big field, and we finished off the week going to The Cleveland History Center where they learned about the history of the mansion, and they got to ride the carousel!  This week was so much fun and when we got back to the center, the children expressed how tired they were.  They did a lot of physical activity which is a plus!  

We did a bowling pin art project, some children drew a picture of their favorite sport, and others decided to make their own baseball, football by drawing and cutting.  Some of the children made a hockey stick using the tinker toys and other children utilized other toys in the classroom.  We did an experiment using baseballs and golf balls and the children had to guess which ball will fall first.  Some guessed baseball and others guessed golf ball.  We said it was the baseball that fell first because it was the first to hit the ground.  A few of the children came to me later and told me they noticed it was the golf ball that fell first.  The science experiment was interesting because we could not come up with the same outcome.  The children did a ton of things that I cannot name them all!  It was a fun week!

Next week:  Christmas in July (theme)

Monday: Great Lakes Science Center

Please have your child at the center by 8:30 am!

Wednesday:  Huntington Reservation

Friday: Kauffman Park

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

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