We started off the week by going to the Great Lakes Science Center where the children got to do learn and do different things.  The ball pit and the NASA was the popular things they wanted to do.  We love going there because of the different things that they can do such as pretending to be a Flight Director and help the astronauts while in space, playing different instruments, trying to figure out how to launch balls into the giant claw, etc.  It was a busy day for the children.  We went to Huntington Reservation to play with the field toys, going for a walk, seeing Lake Erie, and running playing with our friends.  We finished off the week by going to Kauffman Park where they got to play on the climber, swing set, and playing with the water spigot.  They loved seeing the water gush out.  It was a hot but we still had fun.  We took lots and lots of water breaks!

We had a visit from Lakewood Suzuki Strings.  They taught the children how to play the violin and viola.  Ms. Clara and Micaela played the violin and viola for the children.  The children also got to play on the foam violin.  If you would like any information about enrolling your child in Violin/Viola lessons, I placed  the flyers on the white table as outside of our door.  

We did a science experiment  where the children had to guess how long ice takes to melt.  They guessed 1 hour, 3 hours, and 5 hours before the experiment started.  We used small and large cubes of ice to see which one will melt the fastest and how long it takes to melt.  The big ice took 2 hours and 33 minutes and the small ice took 2 hours.  It was a fun experiment for the Christmas in July theme.  The children made a snowman, drew a picture of what they think of when they hear Christmas in July.  They also made crafts for their peers.

We talked about what Christmas in July is and how it came about.  We talked about what we think Christmas in July means to us.  Some of the children said that it’s the half way through the year and people want to celebrate it because they couldn’t on the real Christmas and others said that people wanted to celebrate Christmas because its warmer and they don’t like the cold weather.  We had some interesting responses.  We listened to Christmas music which caused the children to giggle and say, “It’s not Christmas yet!”  We all agree on one thing: We love Christmas and getting presents!

Next week:  Music (theme)

Monday: Federal Reserve

Please have your child at the center by 8:30 am

Wednesday: Edgewater Park

Friday:  Elmwood Park

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.  

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