We celebrated Christmas in July! What a fun week we have had! We made a palm tree Christmas tree using our fingertips as lights! We colored pictures of Santa and drew what we think he looks like on his “off” months. Language activities have been all hands-on with knocking down cups with snowballs and using red bows to find letters in a tree. Our math activities have included (paper) lights! We first put 20 of them in order and played a game where someone got to take some of the line and another peer had to figure out what was missing. We also patterned with the lights as well. We are getting really good at making a pattern on our own! Our science table has marshmallows with red and green candies! We used toothpicks to make some unique creations. Our field trip to the Children’s Museum was a highlight this week! It was REALLY hard to leave the water room (for the children and the teachers!). We had a hot day for our swim day this week! We stayed outside for two hours, splashing and dumping, and pouring and painting (painting with water!). After that, we came in and did some “skating” in the Great Room while we sang Christmas songs! Although we will not be getting a visit from the big guy this time of the year, we sure did look out for him! 

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