This week’s theme was music. In language development this week, we read various books about music, wrote on trumpet cutouts, listened to Blues and wrote with blue crayons, wrote on dry erase boards, and colored on boombox cutouts. In cognitive development this week, we had a drum party and compared the different sounds pots and pans make, we matched different instrument cutouts, we differentiated more or less with different sets of items, and we placed buttons on a grid. In motor development this week, I brought in different instruments and the children were able to handle them and press the different keys on them, we practiced fine motor skills with dressing boards, we stretched rubber bands over baking bands and the children plucked them like guitar strings, we had a musical parade and marched around our room with different instruments, and we placed different music notes on musical staffs. In art this week, we painted with bells on our paintbrushes, and painted to Blues music with sponges and blue paint. In social and emotional development this week, we sang and danced to If You’re Happy and You Know It and played Ring Around the Rosie. Tomorrow in language development, we will read another music book and write on chalkboards with chalk. In cognitive development, we will do a vinegar and baking soda experiment and puzzles. In motor development we will pop bubble wrap. In art we will roll foam balls in glue and sequins to make disco balls. 

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