We introduced theme by having Miss Holle’s daughter’s boyfriend come and play Flamenco music on his guitar on Monday. each day after that, we listened to various instrument sounds on the IPAD and had to guess what we heard? We also have been listening to various different music all week. We used picture cue cards to visually see various instruments and tapped on our own drum.

Monday- Special visitor playing guitar in great room

Tuesday- Swimming

Wednesday- Friday Classroom outside


ice cream come shape matching with colored cones to practice colors, foam numbers with bowls to place inside when naming numbers with peers at the table sharing , Uno number color matching cards by finding the same color or number and grouping together with teacher help and  play-dough with plastic numbers to press down onto play- dough and see number impression and name.

Motor development

2-3 piece shape puzzles to match and press together, various size clothe pins to practice finger builders, balancing boards with food/animal pieces to see how many you can balance without falling off the board, practiced lacing spools with straws for a sturdy grip and Friday, we will play “Move Bingo” with our body’s.

Sensory Table

Various size colored ducks and colored water


Friday- Fun Bubbles experiment, practice line tracing with older children, summer boards for younger and make Avocado pops

Health & Wellness

Fruit & Vegetable dissection

Take Time for meals

Balloon Toss

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