With the music theme this week, we have been listening  to music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70.s ,80’s and 90’s!! The children are loving the variety. Monday Miss Katheryn did some planting of flowers with the children, lots of digging and scooping. In language the children listened to alphabet soundtracks to identify the letter by listening to the words and beginning letter sound. In math the children engaged in a music match up activity, matching like instruments together. Tuesday in art the children did some symmetry art with 3 different color paints and string. In language the children practiced writing letters on chalkboards and in math they practiced tracing and writing numbers. Wednesday in art the children did scraper painting and in math they engaged in Candyland! Today was swimming and the children had loads of fun pouring water on each other, and watering the garden. In math the children matched music notes together. Tomorrow in art the children will paint with cups and in language they will engage in alphabet bingo and in math they will play a musical instruments bingo game.

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