It has been a fun week of building and knocking down small and large blocks during this Lego themed week.  Art activities have included coloring on chalkboards, sticking pom poms to contact paper, stamping on paper and pressing stickers down as hard as they can to paper!  They have dropped cars down a large tube, played with sensory light up balls, and practiced fine motor skills by dropping popsicle sticks into the top of large coffee cans.  All of the children get so excited when the parachute comes out and it moves up and down over them, and the breeze feels nice too!  Stacking cups were used to not only fit inside one of another but to also see how high they could stack them.  Our smallest have been working on holding toys, passing them from one hand to the other, and moving them to their mouth.  Walking and pulling self to standing are also actively being worked on daily.  Reading books, watching puppets, and listening to songs with movements have been included in our language activities and dancing has been a fun pastime that brings a lot of giggles.  Next week we move on to a theme about friends, the activities will include lots of interaction between each other and with their teachers.  

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