Tuesday- Swim Day

Classroom Outside Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday


Monday- Stamped with Legos on colored paper to make impressions

Wednesday- Foam painted with hands on white large rolled paper

Thursday-Roller painted with hand rollers on colored paper

Friday- Jumbo Lego stamping on floor w/ red/green/blue paint


The children manipulated Legos on boards to create own tower/structures, Number Legos to stack and build with in small groups to practice sharing and team work  and  colored cups with colored Legos to practice color matching and recognition.

Motor Development

Lego color sorting with matching paper, Mega block Pom-Pom sorting by filling in Legos upside down, Red, Blue, green play-dough with small Legos to press and make impressions, colored pegs with boards to fill and slide all beads on pegs and take off working fingers and one hand or both and Lego box drop sliding Legos down large carboard tube.

Sensory Table

Colored noodles and mini Lego boxes


Review, model and discuss “walking feet” in the classroom

Follow directions: Hot Potato- outside

Exploding baggies- outside

Make Lego frozen yogurt bites

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