It is a week all about going back to school and it has been a lot of fun.  The older children have dropped cars into our cardboard tube and have been practicing stacking blocks both on a peg board and on our toy shelf.  We have been singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” to practice locating our body parts and they have been enjoying some new books to look at and feel.  They have been practicing their object permanence skills by finding toys under cloths that we have hidden for them.  Art has given them the chance to use crayons on paper and to finger paint,  Many of them are using more sign language to let us know what they need, and we are using hand over hand practice with those that are just learning it.  Puppets have been a huge hit as they love to explore them on their own once they have watched them tell a story or sing songs.  Scarves have been used to try and pull out of containers as well as to play a fun round of peek-a-boo.  Balls have been rolled and tossed while new developmental skills are continuously being practiced and mastered.  We may not have gone back to school per se, but our room is celebrating it in our own little way.  More fun to come next week!

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