I introduced the theme with 3 different leaves[ Birch, Oak, and Maple. We name the leaf  and color every morning at group time, talk about the weather changing, wearing warmer clothing and things we might start to see in the fall.


Monday- glued cheerios to brown paper to resemble corn/husk

Tuesday-Fall Wreath- the children glued on various leaves on paper plate to make wreath

Wednesday – Fall Tree- the children stamped with corks on paper to make a fall tree

Thursday- Leaf stamping- We used leaf cookie cutters to stamp on paper to make leaf impressions


Counting counter apples one by one and placing on large poster board tree to practice counting, Leaf color matching with same colors and shapes to begin to match and recognize similar shapes, counting acorns with baskets, apple seed counting by placing seeds on apple grid with numbers to practice recognition and leaf trays with various fall materials for sorting and exploring.

Motor development

We practiced stringing with large rigatoni noodles for sturdy grips, fall color paly-dough with pizza cutters, leaf lacing cards to continue to practice lacing/eye hand coordination, the children finished coloring tree with fall colored markers and Friday, we will play “Food Twister” to move our bodies in various  directions.

Sensory Table

Colored rice/noodles, pine cones, shovels and vases


Cover your cough- Review and modeling

Cut and compare Squash inside[Friday]

Food cards

We will make squash soup next week

Why do leaves change colors? [facts]

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