This week’s theme was Fall and we jumped in it like a pile of leaves! In language development this week, we read books about Autumn, leaves, apples and pumpkins. We also wrote on magnet boards, used bingo daubers on the letter F, manipulated letter magnets, and wrote on chalkboards. In cognitive development this week, we compared different leaf pile sizes, manipulated math tiles, did an erupting apple volcano experiment with vinegar and baking soda, and sorted different colored bugs. In motor development this week, we stacked tiles and played “basketball,” explored with our wooden exploration set, jumped on different colored leaves and built with our bristle builders, and pulled scarves out of boxes. In art this week, we glued leaves on a poster board to make a tree, painted with apple halves, glued red, yellow, and orange tissue paper onto leaf cutouts, and painted with loofahs. We also added leaves to our sensory table and pumpkins to our block area. To work on our social and emotional development this week, we frosted apples and added sprinkles, and we practiced putting on our jackets using the flip trick. In social studies, we practiced carrying out different responsibilities during clean up. Tomorrow, we will color on leaf cutouts in language, match different colored leaves in cognitive, “pop” like popcorn and connect letter connectors in motor development, and make pumpkin pie art in art.    

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