We love fall! Tis that time for the weather to get cooler and that we bust out the light jackets with pants! This week was all about the season of fall. To kick off the week, at group time we discussed how we know when it is fall outside. The children came up with all great answers such as when the leaves change, when they fall from the tree and of course when the weather starts to get cool. This week the children worked on multiple activities that dealt with both number and letter recognition. The children also took the time to work on writing fall words and telling us what they like to do in the fall which ultimately led to jumping in leaves. This week we also started the letter Bb. We read the letter Bb book, sang the letter Bb song and came up with words that started with Bb. If you ever want to see what words we come up with, they are in the back of the room on our chalkboard! We came up with words such as ball, bear, Bennett, baby and of course Browns (such a tough loss…first Chubb 🙁 then the game itself). Our friends were creative this week at the art table with leaf rubbings, leaf man and making apples our of paper plates. This week was a fun filled week and we hope the children enjoyed it as much as we did! Miss Tara will be back next week and we plan on having more fun! We hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. 🙂 

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