This week’s theme is Fall!  The children were asked what sort of things happen in the Fall and they responded with leaves change colors, leaves fall off the trees, it gets cold, and Halloween is coming.  When asked what their favorite things about fall, they said that they love dressing up for Halloween, getting candy while trick or treating, they love it when they can jump in leaf piles, and they said that its really pretty outside with the different color leaves.  We discussed what other holidays that are in the fall which is Thanksgiving.  

The children matched uppercase letters to lowercase letters (Leaf Matching game), they practiced writing fall words using dry erase board and marker, they practiced tracing letters, they used acorn letters to match the fall words, and played a same/different game where they had to figure out if the pictures were the same or if they were different.  Our letter of the week is Cc and they were able to come up with words that start with the letter. 

The children learned how to use dice to count out the number of leaves, they did an apple patterning where they had to do patterns and figure out what apple color comes next, they practiced writing numbers, they counted out the number of acorns by using number cards, and they learned how to subitize numbers.  The number of the week is 2 two.

We talked about the same and differences between Summer and Fall and they said in the summer, its hot and in the fall, it gets cold and the leaves are green in the summer and in the fall, they are different colors.  We talked about kindness and sharing.  Some friends had some trouble sharing this week and I gave them some scenarios on what to do if a friend isn’t being kind or not sharing.  We talked about how to our words in a nice way and the children were given examples of what they can say.  We will continue to talk about it throughout the year,

The children did a leaf rubbing project where they rubbed leaves using crayons, they made a Johnny Appleseed art project, and they did an activity where they had to figure out how to build an apple tree using craft sticks, pom poms,  and toilet paper rolls. They seemed to have a lot of fun this week doing art projects because they asked me if they can do it again!  

Next week’s theme: Pirates

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

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