This week’s theme is Numbers.  We have been working on number recognition up to 15 and verbally counting as high as we could.  I challenged the children by matching the numbers to its word (0-10) using The Cheerios Counting Book  by Barbara McGrath.  

We practiced writing the names of numbers and Gg.  We did a 5 Little Pumpkin Art project and the children retold the story in their own words.  We played a number names memory game where the children had to match the number names.  I read different number books to the children.  Some books counted forward and some backwards.  I even read one that is sort of like Five Little Monkeys but it has bats in the story!  The children told me that they liked the bats book better because it was different.  It’s called Five Little Bats Flying in the Night by Steve Metzger.  

We did an activity where the children had to build numbers using unifex cubes and the cards, they matched the numbers to the numbers on the number line, practiced writing 6 and they played a game where they had to pick a number, say what it is.  We also did an activity called Find the Missing number and we did Greater than, Less than, and Equal activity.  

As previously stated, the children did 6 Little Pumpkins art but they also  glued names of numbers and numbers to black construction paper and they did an One Hundred Ants where they used their finger to stamp ants onto paper.  They drew little feet for the ants.  

I have been talking a lot this week about how we walk safely out of the classroom.  Some friends like to talk to their peer behind them and I explained to the children that we walk quietly while looking forward because if we don’t, friends can’t hear me talk and they could bump into the friend in front.   I told them that I would like for everyone to be safe so that no one gets hurt and we do have little ones walking around which can cause the PreK children to accidently bump into the little ones.    

It’s been a fun week learning numbers and it is my goal to get the children up to 30 and if they can get a bit further, that would be a good thing for them!   I do have the sign up sheet for our Halloween Celebration, if you would like to contribute, it is greatly appreciated!   I will be sending an email about our Halloween Celebration very soon!   If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.  

Next week’s theme is Around the World  

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