This week has been all about numbers! We work on numbers 1-20 in the Pre-K room, but this week, was so many more! We learned about adding zeros to numbers at the end make it a bigger number. We did some simple addition and subtraction as we worked with numbers 1-10. We did a lot of subitizing on a die and we watched Jack Hartman as he helped us subitize to 5. This week was also all about the letter ‘Ff’ so we used that as the base for some of our activities as well. We painted with feathers at the art table and leaped like frogs around the playground. Some math activities were to stack small blocks on numbers and roll and cover with Bingo dabbers when you rolled a specific number. The sensory bin is full of buttons with muffin tins. The bottom of each tin has numbers in it so you know how many buttons can go in it. Our science table has magnetic shapes and numbers on it. We are using cookie sheets as placemats so many of the children have made us “cookies” for a snack! Great imagination and fun! One of the highlights of the week has been that we had a Coach Charlotte class! We worked our heart and learned the word “cardiovascular”! We are looking forward to Halloween and have been doing our countdown each day! Come on in the room and ask your child how many more days until the holiday! 

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