We introduced the theme with a globe pointing to where we are, and what’s around us. Each day was themed Africa, London, China and Arabic making art to resemble each country, listen to music from country and watched short videos 1-2 minutes of country or related song.


Monday-Globe- blue and green hand prints on blue poster board to resemble globe

Tuesday- African mask- glued feathers and glitter and gems

Wednesday- Painted pumpkins

Thursday- Chinese Drum- painted red and added Chinese symbols

Friday- Letter “D” in Arabic decorate with feathers, beak and foot


The children explored with various picture cards of people all around the world to practice pairing, we counted dots on Giraffe by placing colored dots on each spot, Interactive Bus grid[match same color blocks and shapes to bus}, Chinese New Year patterns/matching animals and symbols to poster board grid, and Friday we will name and guess animal sounds we hear.

Motor Development

The children explored with blue/green play dough and globe grids to shape earth, we practiced another form of lacing by using ribbons to weave in and out of baskets, sand tracing with trays and small car counters to make tracks, the children practiced/explored with chop sticks to manipulate and try to pick up pom-poms with one hand or two,  and Friday we will play a Freeze game to work on following directions, movements and balance

Sensory Table

Safari Animals, shovels, baskets and noodles


African Dance

Parachute- outside Friday morning

Animal yoga in am

Chinese stir fry-white rice/veggies use chop sticks

African Drums- tapped/hand drums

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