Hello families!

This weather has been….interesting lately with the cold down and then the warm up again but that does not stop our class from learning about Winter. This week, we discussed at group how we know when it is going to be winter. There were many great responses such as, “It gets cold” or “There are no more leaves on the trees!” We also discussed how even though it is getting colder out and that we had some snow in the past, we are still in the season of fall and that winter does not start till the 21st of December. This week the children worked on number recognition and shape matching at the math table and we worked on writing and letter recognition at the language table. At the science table, we froze some artic animals and the children had to free them from the ice. The children became creative this week and made an igloo out of legos, rip art snowflake, a handprint tree with paper snowflakes and a brown bear using a fork. We also went on our first field trip! That is correct, the Beck Center invited us back to go see “Babes in Toyland.” It has been a busy week, we even had time to do our letter of the week which was Mm. We hope the children had as much fun as we did! We hope you all have a wonderful and warm weekend! 

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