Our theme this week is Winter and we talked about things that we know about Winter such as it snow, we can make snow angels, the weather is cold, etc.  The children also said it’s the season that comes after Fall.  We made things such as mittens, Christmas stockings, and mugs with cocoa and real marshmallows.    

The children practiced writing Nn, winter words, and they wrote letters to Santa.  I helped them with spelling of the words and they wrote down what I had written on the board.  We made a Nn word list and I read a book that had Nn words to help the children hear more Nn words.  They matched mittens with lowercase letters to uppercase letters.  They also put the mittens with letters on them in alphabetical order.  This is a good practice in letter recognition.  

They practiced writing 13 because some of the children didn’t recognize the number and they didn’t know how to write the number so this was good practice in number recognition.  They put the numbers on mittens in order from 0-20, picked a number on the mug  and counted out the number of marshmallows, we did a game where we had to figure out what number comes before or after while using the calendar, and we played memory game with numbers.    

Our theme next week is Hanukkah.  

Don’t forget next week is our Polar Express/Holiday Snack Party (12/15/22) and School Age Days start on 12/16/22 until 1/3/23.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

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