Winter is quickly approaching, and the children enjoyed winter themed activities! Monday in art the children foam painted mittens and in math the children added coins to snowman grids. In language the children practiced their writing by tracing curvy and zig zag lines.  Tuesday in art the children glued white scrap paper to a snowman outline and in math the children engaged in a mitten match activity. In language the children matched letter penguins. Wednesday in art the children did some special painting and in language they talked about winter words and will get to practice writing them Thursday afternoon. Thursday in art the children “built” a snowman by gluing together all it’s parts. In math the children engaged in a build the snowman path game by rolling a die and moving the snowball down the path to construct the snowman. Tomorrow in art the children will make igloos using sugar cubes and glue mix with shaving cream! In language the children will trace shapes and in math they engage in a snowflake conc3entration activity. For sensory this weke the children explored water beads and in the sensory table they explored scissors and paper. 

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