We’ve begun celebrating the Holidays and this week the children engaged in activities, and read stories about Hanukkah. Monday in art the children painted with dreidels, in math they added latkes to a pan and in language the children traced the Star of David. Tuesday in art the children explored painting with oil and paint and in math the children engaged in a Hanukkah memory game. In language the children practiced writing letters in a tray of sprinkles. Wednesday in art the children glued assorted sizes of paper to a dreidel and in language they matched lettered candles to the letter on the Menorah. Today in art the children did some tape resist Menorah painting and then it was time for Polar Express and a visit from Santa. Tomorrow, we wrap up the week with playing the Dreidel game in math and writing Hanukkah words for the word wall. We want to thank Evan’s mom for coming in to talk about Hanukkah with the children. She read a story about the 8 nights of Hanukah, and she brought two different Menorah’s for the children to see. The children also got a turn to put ba candle in th Menorah and she brought everyone a Dreidel! Thank you!!

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