It is Hanukkah week and the children have been looking at books and hearing songs all about this holiday.  They have tried their hand at lacing toys, holding colored pencils to make marks on paper and manipulated paint inside baggies – all fun while working on fine motor skills.  Art this week had them painting on foil while others had fun dropping blocks into the tops of shaper sorters.  They danced holding ribbons and shook different types of shakers to music, all while laughing and copying each other, it was very cute!  Our older babies are practicing their walking skills while our younger babies are working on rolling over and sitting up by themselves.  They also have figured out how to share stacking blocks together and laughing when one knocks it over, before starting over again.  Our youngest babies watched bubbles float above them – they got so excited, showing us by kicking their legs and making fun babbling noises.  Some even had a visit with Santa today!  It has been fun and busy but next week, the countdown to Christmas will be upon us!  Watch for some fun Christmas activity pictures!  

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