This week’s theme was Hanukkah. In language we read books about Hanukkah, we did finger plays, used bingo daubers on Hebrew letters, and paint tracing in ziploc bags. In math and science this week, we hid coins on the patio and had the children search for them, we matched candles by color, did an oil and salt experiment, and counted latkes. In motor development this week, we played with playdough and cookie cutters, spun dreidels, strung beads, and danced to Hanukkah music. In art we made menorahs out of our fingerprints, painted with watercolors, and painted with dreidels. We also had our holiday party and watched Polar Express with the entire center while we sported our matching pajamas. Tomorrow we will color on “H” paper, pour oil and water into bottles, build with bristle builders, and make dreidel stained glass using tissue paper. 

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